Blog 0 – Weixuan Zhang

Hello everyone, my name is Weixuan Zhang. I am excited about the content of this semester’s course. The first picture in this post was taken by me in Guizhou province, China last summer. The specific location is on top of a mountain in the most underdeveloped area of Guizhou. Due to the lack of light pollution, the visual effect of the entire galaxy is very obvious. I waited until late at night to find the best shooting angle on that day. . It is worth mentioning that the galaxy presented in the photo is not visible to the naked eye, but from a wide-angle large aperture camera with a long exposure.

Starry sky in Guizhou, China
Starry sky in Guizhou, China. By me

One of my dreams for the future is to travel around the world during my free time and take the most astonishing photos of starry skies. For now, I am still learning more skills about photography. After this semester, I plan to take a “galaxy arch” photo like the one shown below.

A wide-angle photo of the galaxy that has been post-processed.

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